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Declaration of Emergency Situation in the Administrative Territory of the Republic of Estonia

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In force from:12.03.2020
In force until:23.04.2020
Translation published:17.03.2020

Based on clause 8 of § 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia and § 13, subsection 1 of § 19, subsection 1 of § 21 and § 23 of the Emergency Act:

1. The Government of the Republic:
1) declares an emergency situation in connection with the pandemic spread of the corona virus causing the COVID-19 disease throughout the world, the identification of the spread of the virus in Estonia, the likelihood of the expansion of the spread of the virus, the resulting risk of mass contraction of the virus and the need to implement the governance arrangements provided for in Division 2 of Chapter 4 of the Emergency Act and enable the measures provided for in the same Chapter, where necessary. The emergency caused by the spread of the virus cannot be resolved without applying the governance arrangements provided for in the Emergency Act;
2) designates the administrative territory of the Republic of Estonia as the emergency situation zone;
3) puts the Prime Minister in charge of the emergency situation.

2. The emergency situation will last until 1 May 2020, unless the Government of the Republic decides otherwise.

3. Possessors of mass media and electronic communications undertakings are required to publish the Order immediately, as-is and free of charge.

4. The Order enters into force upon signature.

In force from:18.05.2020
In force until:Repealed
Translation published:17.05.2020