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Application of measures of emergency situation

In force from:13.03.2020
In force until:08.04.2020
Translation published:17.03.2020

Application of measures of emergency situation

Passed 13.03.2020 No. 77

Due to the emergency situation declared by the Government of the Republic Order No. 76 “Declaration of an emergency situation in the administrative territory of the Republic of Estonia” of 12 March 2020, the Government of the Republic decides:

1. Under § 31 (1) and (3) of the Emergency Act, a restriction on the freedom of movement is imposed in educational establishments in order to suspend regular studies in educational institutions as of 16 March 2020 and to introduce distance learning, including:
1) relevant internal information sessions shall be promptly held in all basic schools, upper secondary schools, vocational educational institutions and institutions of higher education and pupils and students shall be given all study materials necessary for distance learning;
2) the Government of the Republic or the person in charge of emergency situation shall make a separate decision concerning measures to be applied in respect of studies of students with special educational needs;
3) whether preschools and childcare establishments are open and their organisation of work shall be decided by the managers thereof;
4) recreational activities and provision of hobby education shall be suspended, unless these are possible through distance learning, and the activities of youth centres and youth camps shall be suspended;
5) the measures referred to in sub-clauses 1) through 4) shall apply until this Order is changed and the need for these measures shall be assessed no later than after every two weeks.
2. The restriction provided for in clause 1 does not apply to research and development activities in universities and research institutions.
3. Under § 32 (1) of the Emergency Act, all public gatherings, film screenings, night clubs, shows/performances, concerts and conferences and sports and exercise events are prohibited from 13 March until 1 May 2020 and under § 31 (1) of the Emergency Act, visiting museums and other exhibitions is prohibited.
4. Under § 31 (3) of the Emergency Act, a restriction on the freedom of movement is imposed on passengers concerning going on a ferry sailing on the route Tallinn–Stockholm–Tallinn for the purpose of a pleasure trip.
5. Under § 31 (1) of the Emergency Act, the following restrictions on the freedom of movement are imposed:
1) visiting hours in social welfare institutions and hospitals are prohibited;
2) visiting hours in penitentiary institutions are prohibited.
6. Broadcasters and electronic communications undertakings shall publish the Order promptly in unaltered form and free of charge.
7. The Order takes effect upon signing.

This Order establishes specific measures for the protection of the life and health of people and overriding public interest, said measures being essential for preventing the spread of the virus. The reasons and considerations are set out in the explanatory memorandum to the Order. The explanatory memorandum to the Order will be published on the website of the Government of the Republic.
Failure to duly comply with measures of emergency situation will prompt the application of the administrative coercive measures set out in § 28 (2) or (3) of the Law Enforcement Act.
This Order can be appealed against pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Code of Administrative Court Procedure.

Jüri Ratas
Prime Minister

Taimar Peterkop
Secretary of State