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Establishment of reports on credit institutions’ reserve requirement calculation

Issuer:Governor of Eesti Pank
In force from:01.01.2019
In force until:25.06.2021
Translation published:11.09.2018

Establishment of reports on credit institutions’ reserve requirement calculation

Passed 07.12.2010 No. 22
RT I, 15.12.2010, 6
Entry into force 01.01.2011

Amended by the following legal instruments (show)

PassedPublishedEntry into force
06.11.2012RT I, 13.11.2012, 330.11.2012
04.12.2012RT I, 07.12.2012, 601.01.2013
14.11.2014RT I, 19.11.2014, 101.12.2014
22.12.2016RT I, 29.12.2016, 1201.02.2017
12.06.2018RT I, 19.06.2018, 101.01.2019

This decree is established on the basis of subsection 34 (1) of the Eesti Pank Act.

§ 1.  Scope of application

  The Decree establishes requirements for credit institutions’ reserve requirement reporting.

§ 2.  Application of decree

  The decree is applicable to all credit institutions operating in Estonia, to branches of foreign credit institutions operating in Estonia and to savings and loan associations (hereinafter credit institution). Branches of credit institutions established in Estonia which are located outside Estonia are not subject to reserve requirements.
[RT I, 07.12.2012, 6 - entry into force 01.01.2013]

§ 3.  Reserve requirement calculation base, reserve requirement ratios and reserve requirement calculation

  The reserve requirement calculation base, reserve requirement ratios and the application thereof in calculating the reserve requirement are established by Regulation (EC) No. 1745/2003 of the European Central Bank of 12 September 2003 on the application of minimum reserves (ECB/2003/9).

§ 4.  Submission of reports

 (1) A credit institution is obliged to prepare and submit to Eesti Pank reports in compliance with Appendix 1 “Format of the report on reserve requirement calculation” and Appendix 2 “Report on reserve requirement calculation”. The report code is 55.

 (2) The report on the calculation of the reserve requirement shall relate to the reporting periods as indicated at https://www.eestipank.ee/en/reporting-periods-report-reserve-requirement-calculation. The reporting period is the calendar month. The report is submitted to Eesti Pank by the 17th banking day of the month following the reporting period.
[RT I, 29.12.2016, 12 - entry into force 01.02.2017]

 (3) The report is submitted in euros and rounded up to integers.

 (4) Upon compiling the report, the definitions of Eesti Pank Governor’s Decree No. 7 of 29 May 2014 “Establishment of supplementary reports on the credit institution’s balance sheet” apply.
[RT I, 19.11.2014, 1 - entry into force 01.12.2014]

 (5) The reports are submitted to Eesti Pank electronically as documents in the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format pursuant to the Eesti Pank Governor’s Decree No 4 of 29 May 2018 “Requirements for the electronic submission of reports” (RT I, 05.06.2018, 1).
[RT I, 19.06.2018, 1 - entry into force 01.01.2019]

 (6) If errors are identified in the reports, a new, rectified report will be submitted.

 (7) In the absence of data on a report area an empty report will be submitted.

§ 5.  Organisation of data exchange

  [Repealed – RT I, 13.11.2012, 3 – entry into force 30.11.2012]

§ 6.  Repeal of decree

[Omitted from this text.]

§ 7.  Entry into force

  This decree enters into force on 1 January 2011.

Appendix 1 Format of the report on reserve requirement calculation

Appendix 2 Report on reserve requirement calculation